This boy right here, has a lot of natural talent and ability.  He excels at everything he does.  School, sports, scouts, and just life.

He loves a challenge and loves to be pushed harder.  The bigger the challenge the harder he works.

Wrestling has only amplified this wonderful quality.  He loves it.  He loves working out, and trying his hardest.  He has had some very victorious moments, and some very humbling moments.

No matter the outcome of a match, we have one rule.

You win the same as you lose; humble and grateful.

He has had some matches, that have resulted in some huge disappointment in himself.  He always reacts the same.  He hugs his opponent, and shakes the opposing coaches hand.  It’s not easy or fun to lose.  However the way you win and the way you lose say a lot about your character.  I think that the way he does things speaks volumes for a boy his age.  He’s truly a blessing and wonderful example to our family, all the time.

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