Running and lipstick.

Little fact; I HATE RUNNING!!  I think that it is the worst!

  • I look like Rachel on friends, concentrating ever so hard at not looking like an idiot, even though I really look like an idiot.
  • I AM SLOW…….slower than cold tar!!
  • I am incredibly clumsy, tripping is very common.

However I do know that it serves a fabulous purpose.  With cross-fit, it is basically a requirement.  So I suck it up!!

However, there is a difference between sucking it up, and having a desire to run.  It took me a really long time to develop any desire to even run alone.  I got super used to all my awesome super encouraging friends who would finish the run, and then come back for me. There was a few times my friend Pete just fire-man carries me back. Lol.

Running truly is a very mental thing.  The part where you literally think that you will die if you have to even pick your foot up one more time, ever, that is all in your head.  Same with the part where you are pretty sure that your lungs are about to collapse…it passes too.  It is mostly MIND OVER MATTER.

Go ahead, roll your eyes.  I did.  Every, single damn time Pete would tell me this, I would roll my eyes, and whine or swear.  lol.

Then, one very tough, annoying, and sad day (today), I just RAN.  I didn’t focus on how I looked, how painful, or how little I could breathe.  I put in my headphones, turned the music (AC/DC) all the way up, and RAN!  You know what……it really is MIND OVER MATTER.  Pete was right. (insert eye-roll)  As soon as I “just ran”, and didn’t focus on one other thing, it felt AMAZING!

I’m still not lightning fast, and sometimes I still concentrate too much on how I look, but I can do it.  I can run 3 miles all on my own, without even hesitating.  I know that’s not much, but it is a really really big deal for me, and something that I never thought I would be able to do.

So, MIND OVER MATTER.  There are endless things that this mindset applies to.  All areas of getting in shape, and being healthier actually.  Try it!  It works!

PS….Lipstick always makes running so much better too!

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