Rainbow Baby

4 YEARS OLD. This girl right here owns my heart. Kate Ann, I love you so much. This beautiful girl is a beautiful example of a real miracle and what comes from faithful, heartfelt prayer.

I miscarried once before she was born, and thought that there would be no more babies in my life. A couple years later, a diagnosis of PCOS, some new medications, and a few rounds of fertility drugs, then here came this little miracle.

I was sick the whole time, I had many problems with bleeding, and cramping constantly, and I thought for sure I’d loose her too. I didn’t. She was even born on my beautiful grandma Gaels birthday.

I think that both of my grandmas prayed as much as I did for her to come here and be a part of this family. We would not be complete without her. She’s our rainbow baby….and she truly brings so much joy to all of us. She’s spunky and sassy, she loves everyone and has the softest and most tender heart.

She loves those dang red boots, cows, ninja turtles, and the Dallas Cowboys. I love this beautiful girl so much. Happy birthday Katey-Kat.

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