Ms. Mallory Jean

This girl right here is my first daughter.  She’s simply amazing.  She is the most thoughtful, kind-hearted, loving, creative, day-dreaming, free spirit, I have ever met.  She makes friends wherever she goes, and never forgets a single one of them.  She’s always helping others and thinking of others and their needs.  She prays whole-heartedly for everyone she knows and loves daily.  She loves Girl Scouts just because she gets to serve and help others.  Of course she loves selling the cookies too!!

She’s doesn’t ever needs anyone’s approval to be herself. She loves that she’s a little weird, and quirky.  She loves that she’s original, and one of a kind.  She is more sure of herself than most grown women.  She truly thinks she’s beautiful and loves herself.  A beautiful quality for young girls to have these days.  There isn’t much that can dull her sparkle.

Her imagination has always impressed me. When she was little she had an imaginary friend name Alex, he was a prince, from Africa.  Alex came with us every where.  He ate every meal with us, he came on every trip to Island Park, and for sure enjoyed many tea parties with Grandma Dorothy and Mallory.

        She’s always drawing, painting, coloring, reading, building, or designing something creative and genius.  Once she started her own phytology (study of plants) club; where her and her cousin were “botanists”. They collected all sorts of plants and flowers around the yard and drew them in their notebooks and labeled them and described them.  She writes stories, and makes movies all the time.

She is truly the best sister these siblings could ask for. She takes great care of her little sisters and she truly loves her brother even though she teases him all the time.

Our lives are much more full of love, compassion, and creativity because of her.  I’m so eternally greatful to be given the opportunity to have such a beautiful angel for a daughter.  She is always teaching me. She always notices the smallest most beautiful things, like heart shaped rocks, and clouds that look like pirates on a pirate ship, or remembers the smell of her Grandma Dorothy’s perfume.  She constantly reminds us how to see the good in everything.  She brings so much peace to our lives.  I’ll love you forever Miss Mally. ❤️<<<<<

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