Our children constantly teach us.

I couldn’t be more proud!!!! My mom heart is about to burst. ❤️❤️❤️

I’ve always believed that there is a lot more than winning to all sports, but especially wrestling. It is an individual sport so it tests your true mental strength and character in every match.

Our rule is, you win and loose the same; humble and thankful.

Landon has always been pretty good at this. He’s always the first to shake his opponents hand to either congratulate or let them know they did a great job.

I’m so proud when he exhibits true sportsmanship. Especially when ADULTS and COACHES choose to act the very opposite.

This wrestling season things in our life were very different and more difficult than they have have been before.

Sadly he was caught in the middle of a very nasty and hard custody battle. He had to go from Westside back to Malad until it was resolved.

He was faced with wrestling with some really great kids, who have become his life long friends. Not to mention Malad and Westside are huge rivals and always have been. It was really tough.

This right here is what


looks like.

This boy unfortunately got a lot of criticism from the Malad coaches about talking to his Westside friends during the tournament. He was even told not to talk to them or encourage them at all. The coaches actually taunted and one even encouraged to purposely hurt other wrestlers if needed to win.

I believe kids should always respect coaches and authority, but I’m also glad that he could recognize when they are wrong and stand up for the right thing.

Landon chose to be the better person in a time that was not very easy for him to do. Also in a time when his own little life was pretty upside down and hard.



This makes me proud that this is what our fantastic youth looks like!

They were great examples. It’s the very truth that our kids teach us the very most!

I’m so thankful and proud of these Westside Pirates kids. So thankful for their friendships, their great parents, and being so great to my fantastic son. ❤️

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