Never Give Up!


Once upon a time there was this girl…

She was sad, but smiled anyway…

She was broken but kept picking up everyone else’s pieces….

She never liked what she saw in the mirror but combed her hair and put on that mascara….

She lived with and even LOVED someone who lied at every turn, spent money recklessly, cheated, broke promises, broke covenants, broke the law, damaged her and other people she loves in unrepairable ways, and ruined what could have been a beautiful life.

Once, this girl thought she was NOTHING!

But one day…..she looked at all the broken scattered pieces that were left of herself, and she started to pick them up…

One by one, she repaired so many parts of herself…

She found new amazing friends and support, and started to remember she was worth something, that she meant something to HERSELF!

These amazing friends formed a support system they didn’t even know they were forming.

She started to remember she had value, strength, and individual worth. She started to remember that she meant something to this world.

Little by little she changed. She changed physically and most of all MENTALLY.

She learned that she really could do hard things.

She learned that she was LOVABLE, but most of all that she could love herself.

Hard work pays off my friends. It changes you, and molds you into something amazing, someone you never knew you could be.

Hard work is worth it!!

NEVER GIVE UP!!!! KEEP FIGHTING!!!! Good things will always come to those who dare to go for them.


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