Warm Cinnamon Roll Frappeketo.

I think it’s going to take 6 cups to get through the day!!! It’s only 10:30 and it feels like 5 to me! Soooo tired today.


What’s your favorite morning drink or way to boost your energy?


Me, I’m drinking some super fantastic cinnamon roll frappaketo, and I like to drink it warm.


So yummy. It’s like a steamer from Starbucks but better for you, and keeps you in ketosis!


Cinnamon Roll Frappeketo™



1 package KETO//KREME® Sweet Kreme

1 c Almond milk

2 tbsp cream cheese

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp ground Cinnamon


• Whip together

• Heat for 45 seconds.

•Whip it a little again and drink up!


So yummy!!


Visit the Pruvit blog at http://www.pruvit.com/blog for more recipes like this one!

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