Keeping towels clean, fluffy and fresh

I don’t know about you, but I have to have fresh, fluffy, and clean towels in my bathrooms. I need them to feel and smell fabulous!

These few simple steps will help you keep your towels, fresh, nice and fluffy and even last longer.

Always wash new towels before you use them.

With new towels, a lot of the time they have been coated with some kind of silicone or finish to keep them looking really fluffy in the store. These can block absorption too. The best thing is to wash them before using to make sure you remove this finish.

Hang towels after each use

Make sure that you hang your towel to dry after each use. I know this is almost impossible if you have kiddos around, but it is helpful. Towels can used more than once. Just make sure that they hang dry instead of crumpled on the floor or in a laundry basket. This is how they start to smell like mildew and get crunchy.

Wash towels fairly often

I wash my towels about every 4-5 days, sometimes more for the kids towels, because, KIDS. Lol.

For colored towels, I wash only on warm water with my favorite eco friendly detergent. Then, I add a 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. This helps keep the colors from bleeding. It also makes sure there’s not a bunch left over residue from the detergent.

White towels are my favorite. I always wash them with hot water, my awesome eco-friendly detergent, and whitening tabs with OXI. You can use bleach when you feel it’s really necessary, but I do not use it for every wash.

I always use a great eco friendly fabric softener too. When you use products that are natural and not full of chemicals, you don’t need to use very much! They also don’t cause a waxy build up on your towels like regular big box brands do. Green products are always my go to with cleaning and laundry.

Make sure that towels are completely dry before you fold to keep them nice and fresh. Line drying is always my favorite way! Makes them smell amazing.

Folding your towels

Fold them right as soon as they are dry! For bath towels I always fold them in thirds. This makes them look pretty and fluffy on your shelf, and makes the best use of space.

To fold; simply fold in half lengthwise, fold one end into the center and then fold to the next end. I keep the seam at the bottom of the towel and store toward the back of the shelf or closet, makes them look nice and presentable.

There ya have it, my tips and tricks for keeping towels fresh and clean!

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